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Midwest Plastic Fabricators addition to the Marmon Group brings a long history of product innovations in standard PVC electrical fittings, elbows and enclosures. MPF is the original and leading manufacturer of compression formed deep socket long line couplings and expanded end (belled) elbows (Conjoint® Couplings and Elbows). Following MPF’s introduction of these products in the early 1980’s, the NEMA TC3 standard for PVC elbows and fittings was rewritten to include these products. When MPF introduced and patented its Adjustable Meter Riser Assembly Kit (AMRAK®) in 1989, this innovative product solved the expansion problem for underground meter entrance now covered in Article 300 of The National Electrical Code.

For custom enclosures, proven and patented process and method machinery is used to efficiently manufacture and fabricate our products. Unique features result in quick turnaround and conversion of extruded thermoplastic pipe to sheets into finished products. We provide complete design-engineer-build services including 3-D Cad files and engineer submittal drawings from our facility in Crothersville, Indiana. 


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