Midwest Plastic Fabricators (MPF)

We provide non-metallic PVC electrical enclosures used to connect, terminate and alter the direction of conduit systems for the electrical, utility, communication and controls systems to trade installers and consumers.

MPF is now part of The Marmon Group/A Berkshire Hathaway Company.

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About Midwest Plastic Fabricators

NME, LLC dba Midwest Plastic Fabricators (MPF) is uniquely positioned to provide non-metallic PVC electrical enclosures used in conduit systems for the electrical, power, utility, communication and controls industries. Our products are used to connect, terminate and alter the direction of conduit systems.

Since 1978 our company has been an innovative leader in products, manufacturing efficiencies and productivity. Our products are used to protect people and control systems from inadvertent contact with each other or to protect the systems from environmental damage. Made from engineered thermoplastics such as PVC and Polycarbonate (Lexan and Makrolon) they are manufactured to NEMA, UL, ETL and end user specifications and standards. The products are inherently safe and are non-conductive, non-sparking, non-corrosive, lightweight and colorfast. Many products are patented.

“Get Out of Your Enclosures Box”
by Aaron Hand, Managing Editor @ ControlDesign.com

“In one case, a company that makes the machines that prints and folds the papers typically found in a prescription box found that it needed several different enclosure sizes to house the controls on the machine”, says Tom Moran, president and owner of Midwest Plastic Fabricators (MPF, www.midwestplasticfabricators.com). “They had cobbled together a variety of standard enclosures,” he says, with different sizes coming from different manufacturers. “They all looked a little different, and then they still had to put holes in them. They tried to adapt to what was available. Instead, MPF was able to make a variety of enclosures that looked like they belonged to the same family. All the necessary holes are done online as the enclosure is made, which is much less challenging than doing it after the fact.”

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